SunnyWell N95-Grade Dust Mask N95防霾口罩PM2.5舒适型专业防护口罩 (头戴式)

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SunnyWell N95-Grade Dust Mask (Headstraps)

> PM 2.5 Particulates
> Blocks Bacteria, Dirt, and Pollution
> Patent Pending 3D Design
> Allergy Defender
> Safe, Non-Toxic and Gentle on Skin
> Disposable

Product description

Protect Yourself from Germs, Dust, Dirt & Pollution with Our High-Filtration N95-Grade Respirator Mask. Whether you’re allergy sensitive, easily affected by dust particles, or just want to avoid environmental pollution a dust mask can help you block out impure particulates so you can protect your respiratory system. That’s the Reason we developed these High-Filtration N95-Grade Respirator Masks that offer superior protection and comfort.

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  • 商品名称:SunnyWell森尼威尔N95防霾口罩PM2.5舒适型专业防护口罩
  • 商品毛重:20.00g
  • 过滤级别:N95
  • 功能:防PM2.5
  • 适用人群:通用
  • 佩戴方式:头戴式


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